Unique Business Opportunity

ProboTalent’s GTM strategy is to partner with a small select group of leading providers in targeted HCM industries to offer a true WHITE LABEL PRODUCT, configured for the partners solutions as a source of complementary high margin incremental revenue. This offering is ideal for partners that have a large client base whose core product or service is within or adjacent to talent acquisition and would like to introduce a product quickly without any software development costs or risk.

Partner with Confidence

 Leverage the Potential of Our White Label Platform

Complete Package, Ready for Partner Launch

100% White Label Platform Offering

SaaS recurring revenue model with a high gross profit margin

Microsoft Azure Cloud | Ultimate Scalability and Security

Two-way integration with partner products via API

Automated build process with configuration, no custom code

SSO product launch from Partner Portal

Entire Solution is 100% Automated

Easy client onboarding, no professional services required

Global, multi-lingual, localized application

Themed with Partner’s brand, colors, and logo